Temporary Email Address

Never give out your email address again

Receive email anonymously.

Every time you buy online, signup, or fill in a contact form, you give your email address away. We waste hours of our lives unsubscribing from mailing lists and deleting spam.
With Popmail, that's a thing of the past.

Read online, or in your inbox

You can access your popmail inbox directly online, or you can enable forwarding to your own existing inbox.

Decide who can reach you

With popmail, you can control which emails are forwarded to your personal inbox, revoke access at any time and stop spam for good.


Anonymous Address

Get a unique popmail email address, no registration required, for free

Read Online or Forward

Read your emails on popmail.io - or redirect them to your own inbox automatically

Prevent Spam

Block senders with a click of a button, or generate a new address instantly

Pricing for Every Need

All our plans come with a free 7 day trial, signup today, no credit card required

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